Imelda Marcos in Ilocos Norte

Imelda Marcos in Ilocos Norte

Former Philippine First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marco celebrated the birthday of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, September 11, 1996, in Ilocos Norte, the home province of Mr. Marcos. Though she is not from the region herself, Mrs. Marcos was roundly welcomed in what she affectionately described as Marcos Country, where many people still revere the former president. While in Ilocos, she was greeted by many prominent local citizens, most of whom owe their positions to Marcos family patronage. While in Ilocos Norte, Mrs. Marcos visited the preserved remains of her former husband, who she refuses to bury until the Philppine government agrees to grant him a funeral with full state honors.

Imelda Romualdez Marcos starts the day by defending her family's record to a receptive audience of Marcos "Loyalists" who joined her for breakfast.

Family photos displayed on the grand piano at the Marcos home.

Mrs. Marcos prays at a special mass held for her husband, the former Philippine President.

Raising her hands with Ferdinand Marcos' sister and an unidentified man, Mrs. Marcos prays with the congregation.

As children wait in line to receive Communion, Mrs. Marcos looks at some drawings made in praise of the former President by local children. Students were dismissed from local schools so that they could celebrate the former President's birthday.

Briefly alone for the first time that day, Mrs. Marcos pays her respects to her former husband, whose body is preserved in a refrigerated mausoleum near the Marcos family home.

Mrs. Marcos is joined by Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr, her only son. This was the first time both Marcoses had been present at the mausoleum together.

Their public day almost over, Bongbong and Mrs. Marcos are interrupted by a favor-seeker as they eat lunch at the house of a political supporter. As both congresswoman and the Marcos matriarch, people are always approaching Imelda either to express their admiration or to ask for money and political favors. After lunch Mrs. Marcos will board a private bus that will make the ten hour drive back to Manila.

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